Jacques Massu French General hand signed envelope 1981

Jacques Massu French General hand signed envelope 1981

He was serving in Africa when World War II broke out, and joined the Free French Forces . He took part in the battle of Fezzan with the armoured troops of General Leclerc . In 1941, he was in charge of the bataillon de marche du Tchad . He served as a lieutenant-colonel in the 2nd Armored Division (2e DB) until the end of the war.

Indochina [edit ]

In September 1945, he landed in Saigon and took part in the retaking of the city and of the South of Indochina .

Egypt [edit ]

In 1956, the 10th Parachute Division was sent in Egypt to take back the Suez canal during the Suez crisi

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