Jada Speed Racer Cars Lot Of 7

Jada Speed Racer cars lot of 7. These cars are in great condition with very little to no wear. Jada is a unique toy car producing brand. They're famous for producing toy cars from movies such as Speed Racer, the Fast and the Furious, Cars the movie, and many more. Their products are made of durable, quality material that lasts. Each car has been individually wrapped for storage and shipping to ensure protection of those rare models. These usually sell for $7-$10 each when used and $15-$20 when new depending on the car. Get them here for an excellent deal.

Included is The Mach 5 (Speed's car), The Shooting Star (Racer X's), Snake Oiler and one of his henchmen's Purple Cars, The GRX (fastest car in the world), Prince Kabala's Blue Car, and the Black Tiger. Begin or continue your speed racer collection with these rare toy cars.

If payment is received before 3PM Monday-Friday, item will be shipped the day of. Shipping is fast and free with first class mail.