Jaguar / Daimler Series 1 XJ6 Manual - Rolling Shell - Project - 4.0ltr

1972 Daimler Series 1 rolling bodyshell.
What you see is what you get :) This was a 2.8ltr manual - one owner car. It came to me nearly 10 years ago - complete and original - with the promise of the HUGE history file to follow. After a year of sitting on it - I had nothing but the V5. So I took out the worn 2.8 and converted it to an AJ6 engined car. I played and tinkered - but never finished it. 2 years on - every scrap of history from day 1 arrived in the post! A real shame - it would have been a great original restored car.
Over the years - I have pinched bits and pieces to use on other cars, and the Getrag gearbox has been used in another project (the AJ6 4.0ltr engine and wiring is still in place - fit and gearbox and away she will go!)
Seats are missing. The trim you see is the trim you get I am afraid. I have a pair of very good fibreglass front wings if wanted for an additional £75.
3.54 powerlok diff fitted, series 3, 4 pot front brakes. Centrally mounted fuel tank.
Easily converted back to original - nothing has been cut to fit any of the mods.
It rolls and steers. The shell is actually quite good - not the usual rotten basket case (but will need SOME work) - and has been dry stored throughout my ownership.
Needs to go as I am losing the storage space - so no reserve sale. Collection
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