James Bond Diamonds are Forever movie poster half sheet, original, rare

From my father in laws collection of rare 1960's and 70's movie posters that were given to him by his film students, comes the only Bond one in the collection. It's the 1971 Sean Connery film, Diamonds are Forever by United Artists. Catalogue number 71/303. In fair to good shape overall. Has two small tears on the left, from the outside in about 2 and 4" respectively and one at the top about 3-4". Has never been folded, and the color is very good and vivid as they've been stored for 20 years. Thumbtack holes in the corners and the upper left corner is missing about 1/2" ( out of the margin, not the photo ) Shipped rolled in a mailing tube, USPS First Class for approx. $10-12 within the US. Email me with questions. Thanks for looking, and please see my other movie poster auctions!