James Bond Replica Prop Thunderball Dr.No Collectible

James Bond Replica Prop Thunderball Dr.No



This auction contains Replica’s from Dr. No, From Russia with Love and Thunderball. Thunderball: The Dossier Folder given to all the Double-O’s in Europe when they are summoned to an MI6 meeting. Dr. No: The Paid receipt from Dent to Strangways for the analysis Dent supposedly did on the rock samples from Crab Key. A photo of Strangways and Quarrel. A replica pack of Craven cigarettes as used by Mr. Jones (there are no cigarettes in this pack). From Russia with Love: A photo and short Bio on Rosa Klebb and Donald ‘Red” Grant. A photo of Russian Agent Tatiana Romanova. An internal memorandum of an Update on SMERSH. You Only Live Twice: Section of the London Times Obituary of James Bond as written by M. A front page section of the Hong Kong Standard on the murder of James Bond. Two pictures of the ship Ning-Po, one with the ships cargo-hold full and the other when empty. If you have any questions about this auction I will be glad to answer them.


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