James Cotton: James Cotton Blue Band-Used 1967 Mono LP

Used 1967 Verve Forecast Mono Release by Bandleader/Composer/Harp Master/Blues Vocalist James Cotton Entitled the James Cotton Blues Band, Produced by Barry Goldberg, Michael Bloomfield and Norman Dayron, Production Supervision by Jerry Schoenbaum, Director of Engineering Is Val Valentin, Engineered by Dennis Avelenbacher - " At his high-energy 1970s peak as a bandleader, James Cotton was a bouncing, sweaty, whirling dervish of a bluesman, roaring his vocals and all but sucking the reeds right out of his defenseless little harmonicas with his prodigious lung power. Due to throat problems, Cotton's vocals are no longer what they used to be, but he remains a masterful instrumentalist. Cotton had some gargantuan shoes to fill when he stepped into Little Walter's slot as Muddy Waters' harp ace in 1954, but for the next dozen years, the young Mississippian filled the integral role beside Chicago's blues king with power and precision. Of course, Cotton had prepared for such a career move for a long time, having learned how to wail on harp from none other than Sonny Boy Williamson himself. Cotton was only a child when he first heard Williamson's fabled radio broadcasts for King Biscuit Time over KFFA out of Helena, AR. So sure was Cotton of his future that he ended up moving into Williamson's home at age nine, soaking up the intricacies ... read more