JAMES DOUGLAS Copper Mining History Maryland Letters

Item Number: 000047

JAMES DOUGLAS (1837-1918)
Two letters from an innovative mining engineer.
Type: Two signed letters
From: James Douglas
To: Robert Brent Keyser
Year: 1896
Location: 99 John Street, New York
Size: 5 7/8 x 8 inches
Description: James S. Douglas was an engineer and businessman who made major innovations in copper mining and metallurgy. The January 6th, 1896, letter states:
“R. Brent Keyser, Esq.,
German & Calvert Sts.,
Baltimore, Md.
My dear Mr. Keyser:-
Will you please give me the name of the volume on Baltimore to which you contributed an article on the early history of your smelting works? I am putting together some notes on early copper smelting in this country and would feel very much obliged by you giving me what assistance you can.
Yours truly,
The January 9th, 1896, letter states:
“Many thanks for the volume on Maryland and the supplementary information contained in your letter. I read both your father’s paper and your own with great interest. Do you know anything of the old smelting works at Perth Amboy? I can get information about the New Haven works, and I suppose the Revere Company can give me information about their old smelter.
Yours truly,
Robert Brent Keyser was the
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