James Lundberg Studios 12 Lite Art Glass Lamp Tiffany

James Lundberg Studios 12 Lite Lily Lamp & American Deluxe signed base. Tiffany Style The lamp and shades are in mint condition! The cord however is frayed and should be replaced into the base w it is connected to the switch, The lamp is 19 1/2 tall & approx. 18 wide. 20 plus years ago, Jim was a good friend of mine, around 1992 he was killed on his bicycle on the way home from work! He collected small Tiffany lamp bases, and would make shades for them. I bought a small base, and asked if he wanted it. Anyway I traded him out of this lamp which is a original American Deluxe base from Paul Crist Studios. Jim made all of these shades especially for me, they all match. And one is signed. The patina is beautiful & worn in spots. Jim made replacement shades for all of the big auction houses that would get Tiffany lamps in that were missing shades. This is one killer lamp! I've had a lot of questions about the lamp and will continue to answer them as they come up, feel free to ask. All my Items are guaranteed to be as described. Winner will be notified at auction end on shipping to t area. No checks from International bidders, paypal only, and no shipping or duty refunded on returns. I do my best to describe pieces that I list, but I am human and do make mistakes from time to time. And if you need some more information,

The lamp is 19 1/2 tall and approx. 18 wide. I have looked the shades over well, and see no flaws. These are special shades, Jimmy told me he was gonna make, in his words, kick ass shades for the lamp. The ware is on the reistat knob from use, and maybe a little on the surf from dusting. But it looks like an old Tiffany base. I've been a art glass and lamp dealer for 29 years, and know Paul Crist personally. That guy hasn't produced anything that didn't have quality written all over it. He's the leading Tiffany expert in authentication. T's a Collector in Phoenix AZ that offered me 5000.00 for it around 8 years ago. I told him if I was to ever sell it, I'd let him know. I can't remember his name or find anything on him. It hell getting old. Anyway I have a 1500.00 dollar reserve on it, and as you know I just listed it. T's a lot of watcher on it already. I'll let you guys fight it out!! Whatever it cost me to ship it, is what it gonna cost whoever gets it, it's heavy. The shades could go in a flat rate priority box. The base could be shipped parcel. But if your going to spend that kind of money, might as well go priority. Good Luck!! Michael Reid

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