Jan. 8, 1928 Professional FOOTBALL Program: Benny Friedman Bulldogs SF, Calif.

For bid is an original 1928 Professional FOOTBALL souvenir program from a post-season PRO football game played between the “Benny Friedman’s Bulldogs” all-star team versus the “Tut Imlay-Ernie Nevers Giants” team, probably played in Kezar stadium in San Francisco, California. Game played on January 8, 1928. This terrific program has 16 unnumbered pages, including the front and back covers. This was one of 11 games played on the Pacific Coast, in SF and Los Angeles, California, to determine the post-season championship of football. The games were played a few weeks following the end of the NFL season on the East Coast of the United States. Benny Friedman was a star quarterback for Michigan Wolverines and had played a season of NFL football for the Cleveland Bulldogs. He was a star Jewish athlete of the era. “Tut” Imlay was a star for the University of California Golden Bears in Berkeley through the 1925 season. He was a quarterback for the NFL champions, the New York Giants of 1927. Ernie Nevers is an All-time great football player from Stanford. He had just finished his Duluth Eskimos career in Minnesota. The team had folded and Nevers would play the rest of his career with the Chicago Cardinals (through 1931). He in the pro football hall of fame. This is a terrific program with advertising, player bios, photographs and lineups

This program also has photographs of Harold "Red" Grange of the Chicago Bears and George "Wildcat" Wilson of the Providence Steam Roller team. Grange was a legendary University of Illinois star while Wilson was from the University of Washington Huskies. Wilson was the standout star of the 1926 Rose Bowl game. Their photos are in this program.

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