You are bidding on a JANUARY 20, 1969 PRESIDENT NIXON INAUGURAL BALL CUFFLINKS. This pair of cuff links are gold tone in color & look like brass. They have written on the front: "INAUGURATION OF PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT" in the center is the Capitol & under that is an American Eagle. Between this is written : "NIXON AGNEW". On the back is written: "INAUGURAL BALL JANUARY 20, 1969". One of the cuff links was damaged on the 1969 part, when it was stamped (see picture below), the other one is not damaged. They are in good condition & would be a great addition to any Presidential Collection.

We (mother/daughter)are just getting started as sellers & are committed to providing good service & keeping every buyer happy. Items are as is , so please ask questions before bidding & we will answer them the best we can. We will try to give you the best detailed description & also any history of the item on the listing. We have a large amount of accumulated treasures from over four generations of family members. We decided it's time to clean out.

Paypal or money order only!! Winner must make payment within 7 days of the ending of the auction!! If payment is not received within the 7 days, the item will be relisted or sold to a second chance bidder at anytime tafter. If you are going to make a payment
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