Jan Webber Gold Wash Lotus Bowl - black - signed

This is a Jan Webber "lotus" bowl in the very rare "gold wash" finish. Signed on the bottom. This bowl is 3.5" tall and 8" in diameter. It is safe for food use, but must be hand washed. No microwave use either! Jan Webber did one run of gold wash pieces, and almost all went to collectors (including me). I gave several pieces to my mother, Grace, some years ago. Now they have come home. Gold wash is done by first firing and glazing the porcelain piece. Then it is dipped into molten gold. The gold sticks to the piece in totally unpredictable patterns. Some with a lot of gold and some with little. This piece was first glazed with black glaze, then dipped in the liquid gold. Due to the cost of buying gold bullion in such a large quantity, Jan only did the one run. (Note: I only know what Jan would divulge about this process, as it is almost a "lost art".) These pieces are molded porcelain from Jan's own molds. This piece is perfect, with no flaws. The 4th picture was taken with flash to show it really is black based. It becomes a warm color in natural light. I require insurance on all items .

Thanks for looking! And please check out other items of Grace's that I have listed.