U.S. BUYERS SHIPPING MEDIA $ 5.50 PRIORITY $ 7.00 ADDITIONAL RECORDS $ 1.50 . BOTH WITH A TRACKER. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS PAY ACTUAL COST ( ESTIMATE $ 16.00 - $ 17.00) ADDITIONAL RECORDS ( $5 ) COMBINED SHIPPING ALWAYS HONORED WITH MUSIC ITEMS ONLY . COVER/RECORDS SEALED/MINT. LABEL BRAIN GERMANY 1981 . CATALOG NUMBER 0060.519 STEREO . PICTURES ON MON/TUES. Jane" is again a trio for this album. Their shift into the "heavy prog" genre (from Eclectic) is maybe deserved when you listen to the title track. One of their heaviest rock song. Rather convincing. But this will be the mood of this album. "Rock And Roll Revolution" is fully reminiscent of "Born To Be Wild". A great hard to heavy rock anthem. A highlight. This German band has had very little weaknesses in terms of album releases. They deserve a serious applause for this. Their offering will not always be great of course, but just remember which type of music was released by the giants in those days (1982). Most of the songs art purely rock songs. Energy and hardness are on the menu. Almost, I should say because "Jane" already demonstrated some chameleon skills with their previous album. Being more new wave oriented than anything else. No wonder then that "Get Back To You" has a DEEP reggae style. "No Future" has nothing to do with the "Pistols" revolutionary anthem. This song

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