JAPAN - 50 sen - Silver Coin - Taisho - Year 12

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Currency issued during the Emperor Taisho era
Year : 12 (AD 1923) Ruler : Yoshihito (Taisho) Weight : 4.95 0 grams with .7200 of silver content (0.1146 oz ASW)
Obverse : Sunburst in centre flanked by cherry blossoms, authority on top, date on botom, all within sacred mirror Reverse : Vertical value and denomination flanked by phoenix, paulownia crest flanked by karakusa springs, chrysanthemum on top

The Taishō Emperor ( 大正天皇 Taishō-tennō , 31 August 1879 – 25 December 1926) was the 123rd emperor of Japan , according to the traditional order of succession, reigning from 30 July 1912, until his death in 1926.

The Emperor’s personal name was Yoshihito ( 嘉仁 ). According to Japanese customs, the emperor has no name during his reign and is only called the (present) Emperor . Like all other Japanese emperors, since his death he has been known by a posthumous name that, according to a practice dating back to 1912, is the name of the era coinciding with his reign. Having ruled during the Taishō period (literally Great Righteousness ), he is now known as Emperor Taishō . As this is not a personal name, more accurately he should be referred to as "the Taishō emperor".

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