Japan bandai tamagotchi angel tenshi pink blue and pink case used #853

Thank you for seeing my goods.

Before a bid is offered by goods, please be sure to read.
And please offer a bid.

Goods sold as a new article
As for the goods which I sell as a new article, I obtain this product as a new article.
Therefore, a movable test is not done.
It sells as a new article then.
After the goods which came to hand as a new article are also sold, remarkable years are.
When an attached battery cannot be used, there may be dirt, a crack, etc. in a package.

Goods sold as a used article
About the portable game, it is checking doing a movable test and moving by a new battery.
Since it is a used article, a crack and dirt are on a main part.

How to pay paypal only

About shipping
It usually ships with international mail.
However, insurance is not usually attached to international mail.
Since there is no load number if insurance is not attached, pursuit of a load cannot be performed.
When insurance is wished, it usually becomes 6-dollar addition at an international mail charge.
When it ships without attaching insurance, even if a load should not arrive, we can take no responsibility.
Please understand the situation.

Even if some auction participants have my goods knocked down these days, there are connection etc.
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