JAPAN Flow Blue ? Seiryu (toscany collection) teapot

I have up for auction a JAPAN Flow Blue ? Transfer ware ? Seiryu (toscany collection) teapot & warmming stand , my hopes are you can tell in the picture that t is a little candle holder with a handle to lift it by in the base the white tip is sticking out it uses a tee lite candle to keep the pot warm , t are 4 pieces to this if you count the lid to the tea pot 5 pieces , the total size is approximately 11-1/2" high with the handle up the base is 3-1/4" high by 5-1/4" wide in a six sided hex shape with 3 dragons and vines with flowers and leaves intertwineing the pictures are on 2 side for each 1 hole for the candle to be placed in and 1 hole in the top of the base for the flame to heat the pot , the candle holder is 1" high by 2" wide with a 1-1/4" handle , the teapot is 8-1/4" high with the handle up 4-3/4" wide same design and six sides , both the teapot and base have brown top edges the spout, and the lid does too , the handle is made of brass and has set screews to hold it w you want it , both the base and teapot have a blue mark stamp on the bottom 2 Japanese letters then SEIRYU , the toscany COLLECTION , JAPAN , t are no chips ,nicks or cracks that I can see or feel but the inside of the teapot has stainning not to bad though , I'm not sure if it will come out , this piece weighs in at 2 LB - 13 or 14 OZ not packed for ... read more