Japan Gen. T.Yamashita Autograph on 5 Centavos Bill!

Japan General T. Yamashita Autograph on a 5 Centavos Bill! Not torn. Some corner crimps. General Yamashita signed this note on each side! As you nmay recall, he was general of the Japanese Imperial Army during WW 2, and most famous for conquering the British colonies of Malaya and Singapore, earning the nickname of "The Tiger of Malaya"!

now is further background on this infamous Japanese general:

"From October 29 to December 7 , 1945 , an American military commission tried General Yamashita for war crimes relating to the "Manila Massacre" and sentenced him to death. This case has become a precedent regarding the command responsibility for war crimes and is known as the Yamashita Standard .

General Tomoyuki Yamashita at his trial in Manila, November 1945

The legitimacy of the hasty trial has been called into question by many, as considerable evidence pointed to the fact that Yamashita was either not aware of the atrocities that were committed, or was unable to properly control his soldiers due to communication disruption caused by the U.S. Army during their offensive . (One of the atrocities in Manila was even carried out by a unit that disobeyed his orders to retreat.) Other war crimes were said to have occurred under Yamashita's command; in Singapore when troops had bayoneted hospital patients (Yamashita

Some have concluded that General Douglas MacArthur 's desire to avenge the Japanese occupation of the Philippines during the war led to Yamashita's speedy trial and subsequent execution".

We think the signature above his on each side of this 5 centavos note is either another's or his own written in the Japanese script. We don't know. Note measures 3 7/8" by 1 7/8". NR.

We feel these are genuine signatures of Yamashita on this Japanese government bill.

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