Japan Military Sword Katana Sturdy sharp Damascus Blade

Japan Military Sword Katana Sturdy sharp Damascus Blade 54

Exquisite item!!

This is a nice handmade katana. It is a full tang sword and is fully functional. I do not know the value so I will let this no rerserve aution determine what this sword is worth. T are a couple small chips in the scabbard from age, but this sword is in very good condition. Japanese sword Katana, hand made and hand carved, grained blade, sharp and sturdy, steel scabbard enchased with brass thread, (guard, collar, end-cap, scabbard mouth and cap) made of brass, hilt wrapped in shark skin and bound with string. In excellent condition.

Since the Samurai were the top social class in ancient feudal Japan, they were the aristocracy that developed the technology behind these blades that cannot be matched. Also the Samurai developed the Japanese artwork of the day and perfected other roles as they were of the highest social class.

is a brief History of the important role that the Samurai Warrior has played in Japan 'S history.

For a people of such integrity in everything they do, one must realize that the sacred sword that the Japanese held so dear was possibly the product of many of the country'S most educated and devout smiths resulting in the fusion of technology and artwork. Continuous warfare of living and dying by
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