JAPAN Souvenir Reversible Jacket - KOREAN WAR Vintage

An original Japan reversible Souvenir Jacket with a light blue satin & embroidered growling tiger on one side, and a darker blue satin & embroidered map of Japan and Korea on the other. The front part of the jacket shows a matched pair of embroidered Tiger heads (light blue side) and matched pair of embroidered Eagles (dark blue side). I understand the original owner was in the 37th Bomber Squadron, 17th Bomber Wing, which operated B-26 twin-engine aircraft during the Korean conflict from May 1952. This Squadron was inititially based in PUSAN, Korea and later in Miho, Japan. The 37th Squadron had a GROWLING TIGER as their squadron patch - approved 1952.. Note: t is no reference to the 37th on the jacket itself. The jacket has been well used and has scattered stains and scattered small holes mainly to the light blue side. It is fitted with a very early silicon type steel ZIPPER with three interlocking rings trademark (identical to the Olympic Motif) and is marked Tokyo. Zipper is fully functional. No label but the jacket is about a size 40 maximum. The wool waist band and cuffs are well worn, but I would suggest they are repaired and not replaced to keep that authentic look. I would also suggest the jacket is carefully cleaned, but again it is important to retain the overall authenticity. The overall condition of the embroiderey ... read more