Japan Yokohama Karl Lewis DAKOTA ship wreck collection

Up for Auction is my collection of Karl Lewis photo's of the SS Dakota sinking of the coast of Yokohama in 1907. Four of the five have black matting with "Karl Lewis Yokohama" stamped below the photo and more detailed information on the back. Included is the envelope and letter that accompanied the photos when they came to the United Stated in 1918 and includes information on the price of each photo when it was sent. (25 cents each in 1918) The letter said there were six photo's and please return the ones that he did not want to purchase. I have 5, so either on was sent back or lost. This is an extraordinary piece of history and would fit nice in any collection.

Please make payment as soon as auction ends.

Feel free to make a reasonable offer and we will close the Auction early!