Japanese Antique Hanging Scroll GUAN YU

Japanese Hand painted Hanging Scroll

Title: Guan Yu (Guan Di Shen), Kanu (Romance of the Three Kingdoms)

Artist: unknown

Item Description: An authentic drawing of GUAN YU. It's a masterpiece. T is a seal of the artist on the painting. Amazing stunning detail work and a prime example of mid-Edo period Japanese painting. It is an extraordinary piece. Please add it to your collection! Guan Yu is famous in Japan for his loyalty to his master and his strong will. Though classical scholars now debate of Guan Yu's true personality, throughout Asia he is revered as a deity for protection against demons, and as an example to society on the values of loyalty. Also hanging an image of Guan Yu is thought to bring fortune and wealth! He is found in the Romance of the Three Kingdom legend with Liu Bei and other noted characters. He is known in Chinese Buddhism as Chie Lan Pu sa or the Protector of the Dharma Hall. (Example can be found in Chinese temples both Buddhist and Daoist and a similar example in Manpukuji Temple in Kyoto.)

Size: Hanging Scroll:64.6 inches x 17.2 inches or 164.09 cm x 43.7 cm.(approx.)
Scroll Box: None
Condition:EXCELLENT, no damage on mounting or painting. Remounted recently. Only minor wear on the back.

Roller Ends (Jikusaki): Wood.

Payment: Paypal Only.

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