Japanese army Silver Sake Cup,Russo-Japanese War,Rare

This is a very rare antique world war one era Japanese military related sake cup.
This is a cup presented to the triumphant return commemoration of Russo-
Japanese War.
I think that this cup is silver-plated.
The weight of this cup is 72g.
This cup was presented only to the soldier and the officer who had enumerated a
lot of feats of arms.
Saying that this cup would be received was very honored for the soldier.
As for this cup, the very elaborate work was done by craftsman.
The design of this cup is wonderful.

T are poetry and a cloud behind cherry blossoms .

The character being written in the cup is famous poetry of Japan.

The pronunciation of this poetry,
The meaning of this poetry is bravery to determine the loyalty and the death in
the country.
This poetry was loved very much by Japanese army.
The first four forces of Kamikaze suicide squad were named "Shikishima corps", "Yamato corps",
"Asahi corps", and "YAmasakura corps" from this poetry.
This cup is very valuable and expensive also in Japan.
Overall, it's excellent cup.
Sake suits this cup well.

The cup measures 3.42inches in diameter.

100 years or more have passed since this cup was produced.
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