The SK-100 is a hand-held aerial camera introduced in 1940 and produced through 1945. It takes 40 11.5x16cm pictures on special roll film 18cm wide and 6m long. Its dimensions are 38x29x35cm and it weighs 6.9kg. It has a folding frame finder at the top and a retractable bubble level for vertical photography. The main release is a trigger under the right hand index. The camera's back is completely removable for loading. A glass plate behind the shutter curtains improves film flatness. An electrical connection on the side of the barrel supplies power to heating resistors built inside to prevent freezing at high altitude (there is no cord with this camera).
Included in this listing:
1. Camera Body
2. Wooden Carrying Case (Crack in lid, handles missing from sides)
3. Take-up Spool
4. Tele-Hexar Lens by Konishiroku, Tokyo No. 4977 - 1:56, f=40c.m (Appears clear, 5 tiny dots visible inside)
5. 2 Filters - D51 and K46
6. Small Wooden Case for lens and filters (fits inside the large one)
Camera appears to be in good condition, but is being sold as-is.