RARE Japanese Bayonet, ROK Army, Korean War REISSUE

This bayonet and scabbard are much more rare than an original WW2 Japanese bayonet and they are very seldom offered for sale. This bayonet and scabbard were reissued to the Korean Army prior to the Korean War. From what I have read, the U.S. Government opened an arsenal in Japan after WW2 during the occupation period. In this arsenal, they took captured WW2 Japanese rifles and re-chambered them in caliber .30 Government or .30/06 caliber. They also took captured WW2 Japanese bayonets and added a modified webbed frog with a U.S. bale type wire hanger to the original steel scabbards. This modification of adding the webbed hanger and hanging bale did not damage the original Japanese scabbard. They simply took a metal band and threaded it through the slot for the original Japanese frog retaining strap and riveted it into the green webbed hanger. These modified rifles and bayonet scabbards (with unmodified bayonets) were then issued to the Korean Army for their basic infantry weapons. These WW2 modified Japanese WW2 rifles and bayonets were later replaced by U.S. weapons shortly after the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950. If you look closely in pictures #12 you can see ROK soldiers carrying the WW2 Japanese rifles. The second soldier, closest to the camera on the right, is wearing one of these types of bayonets, you can see the scabbard ... read more