Rare Japanese Ukiyo-e Book.
This book introduces Hiroshige's "The fifty-three stages on the Tokaido" series
with real photos in the early Taisho period.
This is a reproduction of which originally published in 1918.
It is very exciting to know how Hiroshige painted the real places in his paint.
"The fifty-three stages on the Tokaido" series
is the basis of Hiroshige's fame and commercial success.
accomplished this series,
for the next twenty years he concentrated his efforts on landscape prints.
It took its name from the number of the stages set up for the benefit
of the travelers all along the length of some 310 miles.

Published and printed in 2007.(ex.original published in 1918)
Japanese language text. English language photo caption.
Size : apprx.8"x 11.5"wide. 152pages.
All of the fifty-three stages on the Tokaido series prints
with the photos of the same place before 1918.
New Condition.
Don't miss to get this great reference book for Ukiyo-e collectors.

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