Japanese Dragon Tea Set Pieces âe" Occupied Japan

Japanese Dragon Tea Set Pieces âe" Occupied Japan

The tea set pieces are labeled as made in Occupied Japan and have the dragon pattern, rimed in grey and gold. I will describe the pieces as accurately as possible, see pictures for more detail.

The cream pitcher shows slight wear on the handle and t is one place under the pour spout w the grey has worn off. It does not appear to be chipped, just worn. The creamer stands approximately 3 inches high and is 5 inches across at the widest place. The creamer is clean inside and out.

The sugar bowl shows little wear, just a bit on the gold handles. The sugar bowl with lid stands approximately 4 ½ inches tall and is 6 inches across at the handles and 2 ½ inches across at the base.

T are 4 tea cups, two have been broken and glued back together poorly. The two good cups show very little wear and are clean inside and out. The cups stand approximately 2 inches tall and 3 inches wide at the handle.

The teapot shows wear on the handle, the gold is warn away in a two places, as if from use. Other than that t is no obvious wear on the tea pot or its lid. The pot and lid are both clean inside and out. The teapot stands approximately 8 ½ inches tall with the lid in place and is approximately 8 inches wide at the spout and handle and 3 inches at the base.
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