Japanese Folding Screen (Byobu) - Gold Leaf - Genji

Handpainted Japanese 4 panel Screen (Byobu) by Morishita Showho (1940~ )
This was purchased from the Fuji-Torii Art Gallery in Omotosando, Tokyo circa. 1997. It is a 4 panel Japanese art screen measuring 36" x 66" and about 3/4" thick. The painting is signed in black ink with the artist seal/stamp applied in red ink. Our reading of the artist's name as written on the screen is "Matsubatake". The full name of the painter is Morishita Showho (1940~ ). The mounting was done by Matsuki Jimyousai (1930~ ).
The scene depicted is from the "Tale of Genji"
The frame is wood, painted matte black and fitted with black-lacquered brass fittings. The main area of the screen covered with antique-finished gold leaves surrounded by what looks like a silk brocade frame. Upon the gold leaf has been painted an elegant lady dressed in an elaborate kimono. She is seated, reading from a book, by a hibachi with a large standing byobu near her side. Above her hangs a branch with emerging cherry blossom. The kimono stretches behind the lady in an abstract fashion almost giving the impression that the weather is slightly breezy.
The mainly matte painted kimono (with some flecks of what looks like silver or gold) stuck against the gold leaf is striking and difficult to capture in a photograph.
The screen has always been hung on a wall out
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