Kita Nagura 12

I am cleaning out my closet and I had a broken yellow tennin toishi stone. I cut this kita stone up into small to medium size nagura, suitable to build a fine slurry paste on your sharpening stone. The paste from a high grade tennin toishi will lubricate while you polish. The paste will enhance the quality of your stone. Please note the sizes listed, the pictures are not to scale. I cut up some very high quality yellow stone pieces into small to medium size nagura. It weighs 29 grams and measures 45 X 22 X 13 mm at triangle legs (25.4mm = 1"). See pictures for its profile. It is sold by weight. I will combine shipping, please ask.

If you have any questions I will be glad to try and answer. Thank you for looking and good luck bidding.

Natural Japanese Stones
The Japanese sword sharpeners believe a blade and stone must be a perfect a match. Finding the ideal pairing is not such an easy task. Despite the excellent performance of synthetic stones, many experienced sharpeners still prefer natural stones for sharpening their finest blades. Japanese Tennen Toishi are particularly renowned for their ability to harmoniously sharpen hand-forged carbon steels. They can bring out a blade’s full potential and allow the sharpening process itself to become a pleasant ritual. The finest stones from
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