70 Pieces. Gold/Gilded Japanese Lacquerware, with Black secodary color. All Hand Painted with a vatiety of Japanese Images from Floral and Nature. A nice variety of images through out the set.

This is a Used Table Serving. Includes both Table wares as well as TEA SERVICE and many additional smaller items to make a very complete set.

I had obtained this set over a dozen years ago. I have had part of it on display in a dinning room display case, and the rest of it I had stored away. I bought it just as is it is now. I do not rally know its exact age. T are no makers marks or signatures on the pieces that I can find.

A number of the pieces show some use. My guess is that this set was used by a family/children for "tea party(s)" or for occassional use. I personally do not know if the paint and/or lacquer is in any way harmful for actual use (lead?). I got this because it was a beautiful and very complete set. I used it only for decorative/display.

The only reason Im selling this is because we are doing a living room/dining room/kitchen remodel this winter and spring. So Im selling a bunch of or items toward this end.

The set includes:

One 12" Large Serving Plate

One 9 1/2" Serving Bowl

Three 5 3/4" Bowls

One Three Piece Half Circle (Half Moon) Serving Tray/Box with Removable
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