Japanese Mens Geta Sandals for Yukata Kimono Large Size

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These geta are made of kiri wood and are nicely finished with a rich stain that allows the natural grain to show through. Kiri wood is known as Paulownia in English, and this tree has long been prized in Japan for its lightness and durability. Kimono chests are traditionally made of this same wood because of its beauty and also its ability to naturally repel insects.

Similarly, the hanoe(straps) are made for both comfort and appeal. The cotton on the upper part is meant to last and is also kind to your toes. Even if you've never worn geta and aren't used to wearing sandals barefoot, these should be easy to wear from the start. As you wear them, the straps tend to stretch to conform to your foot size, making these a real pleasure to wear.

The soles are covered with rubber to cushion your step, and the straps are well tied to the bottom of the geta.

These are 11"(28cm) long, 4 1/4"(just over 10.5cm) wide, and the heel is 1 1/4"(3cm) not counting the soles.

Japanese footwear such as this is fairly forgiving in regards to sizing. It's perfectly acceptable for the heel to hang off the edge as much as an inch or so. You can also wear these if your heel is flush with the edge of the geta, or even a bit shorter.

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