Japanese natural whetstone "Shobu awasedo " Lv4 940g

Japanese natural whetstone "Shobu awasedo " Lv4 940g

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Japanese Natural whetstone It is a natural whetstone mined in the mountain of SHOUBU .



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About a natural whetstone.

I am selecting all introduced natural whetstones. It sharpens by way of experiment, and a good quality, natural whetstone is chosen. I was born and grow up in Kyoto. The natural finish whetstone was mined in Kyoto. Because a natural whetstone is gotten directly from the whetstone shop in Kyoto, it is possible to introduce it in the value price. The image below is a raw ore of a natural whetstone. The whetstone is chosen here and it makes it to the product. Thank you!!!!!! Character table of natural whetstone The character of a natural whetstone is described. It carefully analyzes, and refer, please. Hardness Lv . * Hardness of whetstone 12 34 5+a ** ** ** Lv1....very soft Lv2....soft Lv3....Standard Lv4....hard Lv5....very hard +@ Granularity Lv . * Grain of whetstone 12 34 5+a ** ** ** Lv1....very rough Lv2....cloudy Lv3....Standard Lv4....fine Lv5....very fine!!! +@ Sharpening feelings Lv .1 23 +a ** ** *MAX Lv3*+a Lv1....heavy Lv2....standard Lv3....smooth!!! +@ Grinding power Lv . * proportional to the granularity 12 3+a ** **
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