Japanese Ojime Bead - Hand Carved Wooden Frog on Leaf

Japanese Ojime Bead - Hand Carved Wooden Frog on Leaf

Beautiful hand carved wood ojime bead measuring 26mm x 12mm x 16mm and depicts a Frog on a leaf. This ojime bead is of truly exceptional quality - please see the photos provided, artist has signed the underside of the piece.

There are many different quality ojime available on eBay but for the price i am offering these for sale i think you will find it hard to buy such a good quality carving. It bears the artists signature and would make a nice addition to an existing collection or equally would be a good piece to start a new collection. Please visit my ebay shop to see more of these lovely works of art. I also sell other carved oriental pieces such as netsuke & inro's.

Ojime are a type of bead which originated in Japan. They were worn between the inro and netsuke and are typically under an inch in length. Each is carved into a particular shape and image, similar to the netsuke, though smaller.

Beads have forever been a part of history, covering virtually every culture. Although most beads are used to embellish and adorn, they also serve a number of other functions, which covers political events, social circumstances, religious beliefs, symbolism of curative powers, and have even been used as currency.

These beads are not carved by just anyone,
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