JAPANESE OLD HANGING SCROLL [Daruma & Kanji Poem] 1942

Commodity =KAKEJIKU= Japanese Authentic Handwritten Hanging Scroll
Title [ Daruma and Kanji Poem ] Drawn in 1942 Artist Tori Mabuchi Dimensions 1. Part of Painting = Japanese Paper, 124 x 33 cm
2. Mounting = Japanese Paper, 203 x 47 cm
3. Material of Roller Ends = Wood
4. Scroll Box = No Box
(If you would like to know the measure in inches, please divide each number by 2.54
[Example] 100cm = 39.37inch ) Description T is a signature and seal of Tori Mabuchi on the drawing.
It was drawn in the autumn of 1942.
T are some spots,stains, folds and tears.
As a whole, the condition of this scroll is so-so.
Daruma and Kanji poem are drawn well.
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