Japanese Samurai Armor Yoroi haori KIMONO Matsunaga

Beautiful vintage and very rare old black Kimono Hiyoku, floating lining and decorated with Samurai Family Crest Matsunaga.

I offer not only a kimono, but moreover, I offer also the nearly lost Japanese art . Why? Because nowadays, in modern Japan such Kimono Hiyoku (floating linings) is nearly forgotten. Only Maiko/Geisha, Japanese Brides and traditional Shinto priest kimono use this layering technique. Hiyoku gives impression to look as if one wear Kimono and Juban (under-kimono) over another.

This kimono is hand-sewn made of fine textured and soft silk and considered from mid-Showa period(Showa:1926-1989) and regarding its age, it is in very good condition.

Please note: Some vintage/antique clothes have natural age patina that are difficult to capture in photos. Please refer to the condition for noticeable flaws or damages.

Due to private reasons I have to give up a part of my samurai-relation collected items.

Size: Entire Width (Sleeve to Sleeve) 127 cm/ 50 inches

Body Width (Shoulder to Shoulder) 63,5 cm/25 inches Length 150 cm/59 inches Weight 667g

Please check the pictures carefully before bidding.

Packing and shipping cost: Germany 10 $, Europe Union 15 $ and Worldwide 25 $ by registered airmail, take 5 till 7 business days.

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