NEW Japanese school backpack RANDOSERU bag CLARINO

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Japanese High quality backpack "RANDOSERU"
Ideal for girl's & Boys school bag ,teens fashion item
Other color and man made leather "RANDOSERU" in my store.
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Randoseru is a school backpack that Japanese elementary students use.
In Japan, t is a custom that parents give their children a randoseru when they start to go to elementary school.

Children carry randoseru on their back and commute to elementary school for 6 years.
Randoserus is made sturdy and keeps its shape better than the regular kids bag pack.
In Japan t is an organization called the "Randoseru Association"
that provides you with a 6-year warranty.

Basically, randoseru is made for children’s use.
However, the roots of belt are able to expand, so adults can use it as well.
T are many European and Japanese female use randoseru as a fashion item.
(Photo:Adult woman. Height 5 foot 5 inchs )

-Feature of randoseru-

Randoseru has many features that regular backpack doesn’t have.
It has twists in order for children to carry on their back easily and comfortably.

The features I listed are for the general randoseru models.The features and materials may be slightly different from models, so please make sure to check the item description page
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