Japanese sword in civilian full mountings, "Masatsune

This is a Japanese sword in civilian mountings. The blade is signed "Amaike Masatsune saku 天�� 正恒作", with 昭 inspection stamp on the tang, shinogi-zukuri, WWll time period ca.1940 era made. The blade is in old polish, shows light scratches on surface but no rust and in near mint condition. There is no nick, no bend, no forging flaws, no crack temper and cutting edge is very sharp. The temper line is wavy gunome temper throughout the blade and has o-maru temper at the point. The scabbard is laquered wood scabbard shows minor lacquer loss but no cracks, no dents and in good condition. The handle is tight fit with brass fuchi-kashira and matched menuki. The tsuba is mokko shape iron tsuba with nice patina. It measures 27" tip to the guard 26+1/4" cutting edge, 1+3/16" width, 7mm thickness at the notch and 38+1/4" in mountings. It is good for iaido or cutting prctice sword. Priority mail shipping $25 in the U.S. Paypal payment due within 3 days auction end.