Japanese Wood Block Print-Uchida Atelier-Kiyoto-Ukiyo-e

- Wood-Block Print. Original Uchida From Kiyoto, Japan- Collectors Guild Ltd.-
This is an original wood-block print, hand pulled, at the Uchida Atelier in Kiyoto, Japan. Issued and Authenticated by Collectors Guild Ltd. It has been described and signed by the artist. (Japanese characters.) This shows vibrant and bright, red and yellow good luck chrysanthemums. Framed in the original Bamboo style frame. This is one of three wood-block prints from the same series I have listed right now! This fine print is framed in a silk mat. To help protect the art; mats, backing and hinging are acid free, plus the glass is conservation clear, to block out 98% of the UV rays. A full description of the Japanese woodblock process and history, is on a label on the back.
This frame measures 16 1/2" x 22 1/2" and the image inside the mat is 9 3/16" x 14 5/16".
This is an authentic wood-block print filled with vibrant color, ready to hang on your wall and enjoy!