Japanese Woodblock Print Scroll Nichiren Lotus Sutra

Japanese Scroll Woodblock Print-
Meiji 18 (1885)
This Japanese woodblock print scroll depicts Nichiren Shonin's life. In the center top is a Gohonzon centered on the mantra Namu Myoho Renge Kyo. It is signed in Meiji 18, which is 1885.
Size: 45 cm by 110 cm in total. The canvas is 37 cm by 50 cm.

This piece is badly stained, creased, and faded. The stains on the brocade are bad as can be seen in the first photo. Please see the photos below.
Shipping is $15 by insured EMS express to anyw in North America and Australia, $18 to Europe.

Payment by Paypal is preferred, but money orders can also be sent to my bank in the States.