Japanese WW II Naval Landing Force officer's sword, star stamp "Kanetoshi" e1

This is a Japanese NLF (Naval Landing Force) officer`s sword in type 44 mountings. The blade is signed "Noshu ju Kanetoshi 濃州住兼俊", dated "Showa Jukyu-nen Go-gatsu hi (May. 1944) 昭和十九年五月" with star stamp stamped. Kanetoshi's real name is Murayama Kinoichi, was born in 1903 in Gifu prefectuer and made swords during WWll time period and after the war as a Gendai smith, listed in John Slough's book page 70. The blade is hand forged, in original polish, no rust, no stain and in excellent condition. The temper line is attractive big gunome-choji temper pattern throughout the blade and has o-maru temper at the point. The forging grain is tight itame-hada and no forging flaws at all. There is no bend, no nicks, no crack and cutting edge is sharp. The blade is mounted in type 44 mountings, scabbard is black lacquered ishimeji (sand) finish wood scabbard no crack, no dent and in good condition. The handle is tight fit, tsuka-ito wrapping is brown color lacquered, no loose, no cut and also in good condition. The blade measures 26" tip to the guard, 25+1/8" cutting edge, 1+3/16" width, 7mm thickness at the notch and 39+3/4" in mountings. It is beefy/heavy strong blade. Shipping is $20 priority in U.S. Payment due with in 3 days auction end.