★ Introducing the Silver Dollar Ranch Hoard ★

This is the next mason jar to be auctioned here on ebay recovered from the incredible Silver Dollar Ranch hoard!
This jar of coins will be auctioned off without a reserve and without a starting price. The lucky winning high-bidder will receive the exact mason jar containing all of the coins shown in the photos. Yes you get it all!
We have a terrific jar offering this week! We can immediately spot some incredible coins showing. Including 2 Very Rare Gold Coins, Seated Type Coins, Capped Bust Type Coin, Carson City Minted Silver Coins, a big wad of Vintage Currency, a Trade Dollar, other Silver Dollars, and dozens more! Check out the entire list of coins showing down below!
We are so thrilled to introduce the Silver Dollar Ranch Hoard ! I would normally begin such a find with the word, WOW! But wow does not give this hoard justice. We traveled nearly 2,500 miles to Montana once we received the call about this hoard which over the phone sounded too good to be true! When we arrived, we were blown away at what we saw!
We were brought to a small home on the property which was being torn down. The house was built in the 1800's and it showed its age. What we saw next was unbelievable! The small home was full of vintage coins and paper money. We immediately saw vintage mason

• S Mint $5 Liberty Gold Coin

(Scarce Gold Coin. Tough S mint. Rare Date? Could be worth up to $5,000+)


• 1853 $2.5 Liberty Type Gold Coin

(High Grade Gold Coin. Charlotte or Dahlonega mint? C or D mint is worth $3,000+ )


• Gold Nugget

(Nice chunk of natural gold. These sell for up to $100 )


*That's at least 3 Gold items just showing*

• 1878 Silver Trade Dollar

(Very Scarce Type Coin! Excellent condition. Better mint mark? Could be worth up to $700 )


• Carson City Morgan Dollar

(Scarce Iconic Coin. Years 1889? Could be worth $2,000+ )

1894 Morgan Silver Dollar

(Scarce coin! P mint? Could be worth $1000+)

• CC Mint Liberty Seated Half Dollar

(Rare Early Silver Type! 1870 CC? 1870 CC worth $2,800)

• Type 1 Standing Liberty Quarter

(Very Tough Early Year! Could be 1916? 1916 is worth $7000+)

• S Mint Seated Quarter Reverse

(Nice silver coin. 1872? 1872 S worth $4,000+)

• O Mint Seated Half Reverse

(Tough Type Coin! Better date? Some dates are worth $1,000+ )

• 1829 Capped Bust Half Dollar

(Very Rare Early Silver Type! Nice Grade! Valued at $200 )

• 1838 Liberty Seated Half Dime

(Rare Early Silver Type! O Mint mark? 1838 O is valued at $300+ )

• Three Cent Nickel Reverse

(Scarce Unusual Type coin! Valued at $80)

• 1858 Flying Eagle Copper Nickel

(Scarce Unusual Type coin! Valued at $30)

• 1822 Coronet Large Cent

(Scarce Unusual Type coin! Better variety? Some varieties worth thousands!)

• CC Mint Liberty Seated Dime

(Rare Early Silver Type! 1874 CC? 1874 CC worth $10,000 )

• 1892 or 1893 Columbian Exposition Half Dollar

(Nice old commemorative half. Valued at $45+)

• Two Cent Piece Reverse

(Scarce Obsolete Type coin! Rare date? Valued at $40)

• 1866 Shield Nickel

(Scarce coin! Rare type. Valued at $30)

• 1909 VDB Lincoln Cent

(Iconic! S mint? Could be worth $1500+)

• Stack of Silver Quarters, Half Dollars and Dollars

(Nice stack of big silver coins. Scarce dates? Likely Worth $100+ )

• 1914 $10 Federal Reserve Note

(Very Rare Iconic Note. Nice Shape! Valued up to $100 )

• Additional Wad of Small Size Currency

(Nice stack of old paper money. Scarce types? Likely Worth $100+ )

• Barber Silver Quarters

(Nice classic silver coin. Valued at $15+ Each)

• Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollars

(Better Dates? Valued at $20+ Each)

• Standing Liberty Quarters

(Iconic design! Valued at $15+ Each)

• Benjamin Franklin Silver Half Dollars

(Better Date? Valued at $20+ Each)

• Many Silver Mercury Dimes

(Made from 1916-1945, Silver! Valued at $4-$6 Each )

• Some Roosevelt Dimes

(Made from 1946-1964, Silver! Valued at $3-$5 Each )

• Impressive amount of Buffalo Head Indian Nickels

(Made from 1913-1938. All appear to have partial or full dates. Valued at $2-$4 Each )

• Some Early Better Dated Wheat Cents

(Many from the teens and twenties. Some scarcer dates. Valued at $1-$3 Each )

• Good amount of Liberty V Nickels

(Made from 1883-1912. Always in high demand. Valued at $3-$5 Each )

• Good amount of Indian Head Cents

(Minted from 1859-1909. Iconic Design. Valued at $2-$4 Each )

I just listed some of the coins which are visible from outside the jar. As you can see in the photos, there are some extremely rare coins visible through the glass. If those are the coins showing just on the outside of the jar, imagine if there are even more scarce coins on the inside part of the jar which we can't see from the outside. Although after scanning the outside of the jar, I didn't see any other gold coins, you never know if there are more hidden in the middle of the jar. Multiple previous buyers have messaged me stating they found additional gold inside their jars. If you totaled up the values of some of the coins visible from the outside you will see that there is some big value present. With the right dates and mint marks, there could be coins worth tens of thousands of dollars. Just think about the possibilities!

Remember I have not opened or searched through any of the items from this hoard. Each of these mason jars have not seen the light of day for 50+ years. The lucky winning bidder will be the first one to ever have the chance to go through these coins. What an opportunity!

** I have heard some great feedback from previous buyers of these jars! One of the most recent buyers emailed me stating he found an additional Gold Coin inside the jar which was not even showing on the outside of the jar! Yes that is right, he found even more Gold inside the jar once he opened it! This proves that no one knows exactly what is hidden inside these unopened jars beyond what we can see. There could be Gold or there could be Nickels. Nobody knows!

** Another buyer messaged me saying he too found an additional Gold Coin inside the jar he purchased! So far it seems to be that if there is gold showing in the jar, that there is likely to be more inside the jar. I obviously can't make any guarantees, but I have been told by my previous buyers that this seems to be happening. So you may want to consider this while bidding!

Here are some additional close-up photos of the coins showing:


Remember, this mason jar weighs in at a total of 5 Pounds 6.4 Ounces. That is a lot of coins! I have an estate lot listing active on eBay where I sell old coins by the Quarter Pound lot. Each Quarter Pound lot of coins sells for up to $100. So if you do the math, that would value this jar at up to $2200 just by basic coin weight alone. Keep in mind that this other quarter pound listing I sell does not have close to the amount of variety and scarce coins included as this jar does.

There is some incredible value in this jar! The 1853 $2.5 Gold coin is worth $4,000+ if it is a D or C mint. The S Mint $5 Gold Coin in excellent condition is worth up to $5,000. The CC mint dime could be worth $10,000+ if it is a 1874. The CC mint half could be worth $2,800+ if it is a 1870. All of the vintage type coins including the seated coins, trade dollar, bust half dollar, and others could be worth $3,000 or more. The CC Morgan Dollar could be worth $2,000 if it is the right date. The 1909 VDB Lincoln cent could be worth $1,500 if it is an S mint. The rare currency and other coins here and there are probably worth thousands more. There is way too much to list! A ll of the coins we can't see and the possible key dates are likely worth thousands and thousands more as well. So with the value of the basic coin weight alone, plus the value of the gold and silver coins visible just from the outside of the jar mentioned above, this jar could fetch tens of thousands of dollars. Your bids set the price. Nobody knows what is waiting inside the jar. The only way to find out is to win the auction!

More About The Hoard

The collection is named The Silver Dollar Ranch Hoard because the hoard was located on the "Silver Dollar Ranch" Property. This ranch stretches 5,000 acres and is located in Montana. The property is over an hour away from the closest small city. This property is basically in the middle of no where and it probably has dozens of amazing cowboys and indians stories. The property was named the "Silver Dollar Ranch" because the owners made so much money off the land that the local people thought they were growing silver dollars instead of wheat. So is this hoard the profit the property owners stashed away during their prime on the farm?
We have found many other cool pieces on this property including some vintage alcohol stills from the early 1900's. The property also sits very close to the Canadian border. So it makes you wonder, was this hoard the result of a profitable "bootlegging" operations during the 1920's?
The property owners also told me that Teddy Roosevelt has stayed on the property numerous times during his hunting trips in the area. So this makes one wonder, were some of these coins stashed in the house by Teddy Roosevelt?
When the Great Depression rolled around in the 1930's, t here were very, very few people who could afford to stash away so many coins . When most people during the depression only had a few nickels in their pockets, someone was amassing thousands upon thousands of coins in this hoard. What an incredible history these coins have had, absolutely phenomenal!
This jar is known as a Ball Perfect Blue Mason Jar . This jar dates back to the 1920's. The jar is not some modern reproduction. This jar is 100% genuine. These jars were common to store items in during the early 1900's. In this case, the jar was used to store old coins and money. The jars were very dusty when we recovered them. After some dusting, the jars cleaned up nicely. They are in such nice condition because they haven't been touched in 50 years!
The history attached to these coins is just stunning! I have never seen another collection like this one for sale and I don't know if I will see one again. It is truly one of a kind! So don't miss out on these extraordinary offerings to get your hands on some of the coins from the hoard. Once all the coins are sold there gone and the listings come down, so why wait?

Every Jar listed is 100% unique. No two are the same. Keep an eye on my eBay store over the next few weeks because I will be posting more listings from this incredible hoard. There is something for everyone in this hoard. If the mason jar of coins is not right for you, then just check out my other items for more options.

You know that Jeffscoins is the go to seller on ebay for your coin needs. We have sold millions and millions of coins here on ebay since 1999. We are an experienced, honest, and trusted 5-STAR eBay seller with over 30,000+ positive feedback coin transactions and a near perfect 100% Positive Feedback!

CONDITION The coins and bills are in circulated and uncirculated condition and are in nice overall condition for their age. A lot of the older coins were probably in circulation, so keep in mind they may show some signs of honest wear and use. Not every coin is perfect, some may have issues here and there but that is what one would expect when some of the coins are from the 1800's. (Refer to the photos for condition.)
This Jar will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation and tracking. This fast and free shipping and handling is always completely free of charge on this listing, and that's one of the many reasons that Jeffscoins is one of the most trusted and best eBay sellers around! Every order is professionally packaged and shipped with the utmost care and respect for your order to ensure a timely and safe arrival.
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Quick Summary
The winning bidder is guaranteed to receive the mason jar filled with US coins and paper money as shown in the photos. This mason jar weighs in at a total of 5 pounds 6.4 ounces. I obviously can't make any guarantees on value or grade because I simply do not know what is inside the jar.
Nobody knows what this jar will sell for. This jar will be auctioned without a reserve and without a starting price. Bid based on what you can see and what you value this jar of old US coins at. Remember to get your bids in because once the 7 days is up, this jar will be sold!
If you plan on winning this jar, make sure you have funds available. This jar is being sold as described and pictured. Scammers are not welcome.
Good luck and !

*Please Note* Any bidders with less than 20 feedback points must contact me prior to bidding or else your bid may be cancelled.
★ Special Offer ★
If you win two jars within a one month period, we will include a bonus Pre-1933 Gold Coin with your order! This scarce coin was also recovered from this hoard. That's right, if you win 2 jars within a month, we will include a Genuine United States Minted Gold Coin Absolutely Free as a Bonus!

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