This listing is for a lot of 5 SOUP BOWLS in the Samoa Vert pattern made by Jars of France. They have a dark green interior and black exterior. Each Bowl measures 7-5/8 inches across and 2 inches high (rim). Condition is excellent, allowing for gentle prior use and a few skuffs to the interior surface caused by stacking of the bowls. Insurance is included in the shipping amount shown.


1) Accurately describe merchandise we are selling. Genuinely new or mint condition, old items, are a rarity, so we do not often use these terms. "Excellent" is our favorite descriptor of condition, however, this does not mean perfect. Light utensil or usage marks, lightly thinned gold trim, minor fleabites on non-obvious places occasionally occur on items we describe as excellent. We do not wash or polish anything.

2) We wrap and pack fragile items for shipment so as to arrive without damage. We use generous amounts of bubble wrap and packing peanuts - no newspapers or paper packing. We make a small charge to offset the cost of these materials. Good packing is not cheap and Cheap packing is not good !! Check our Feedback comments from bidders regarding packing and shipping. We typically ship on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

3) Returns - generally, we have none. Returns are considered only if we have materially
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