Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th Autographed Mask

What you see here is a full size custom paint mask. The version of this mask is from Part V, dream sequence, version 2. All snaps are metal. Elastic strap still has give. The mask is in great condition, perfect to be hung on any wall. It has 5 autographs, 2 of which the actors have since passed:
1- Betsy "Mrs Voorhees" Palmer...RIP2- Steve "The real Jason II" Dash3- Richard "Stay Alive III" Brooker...RIP4- C.J. "Jason Lives!" Graham, Jason VI5- Derek "Jason F13th '09" Mears
All signatures are in black sharpie, except Betsy Palmer which is in red sharpie, as shown in photo.
All signatures were obtained by me, at a Monster Mania #12, March 2009 in Cherry Hill, N.J. horror convention meet and greet. Video of highlights below:
There is a photo with me and Betsy Palmer. You can clearly see Richard's signature on the forehead. On the left temple you can see part of C.J. Graham's signature. Below right eye you an see some part of Derek's. At the right temple, you can see Betsy's in red. Steve Dash is on the right cheek. Speaking of Steve Dash. He can be seen in the back right of photo, circled in red, with posters on the wall. He is the man, with the white button down shirt with black tshirt underneath.
Message me with any questions.
Thanks for looking!