Javanese Wayang Kulit (Leather Puppet) Dewi Pergiwo

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Old Performance Wayang Kulit


"Dewi Pergiwa"

ddddcccc From Surakarta, Central Java, ca 1900 Wayang Kulit is a very old art form dating back over 1000 years. Typically the plays will start about 9 at night and last through until early in the morning (about 4 or 5 o'clock). These shadow puppet plays (t are well over two hundred different plays) contain the elements of the Ramayana and Mahabharata from India but have been made uniquely Javanese. These are the stories of gods and men, myth and morals. In a common set, used for everyday performances, throughout the villages and cities, t are about 120 wayang in a set but in the sets that were used in the palaces and reserved for special occasions t have been documented well over 400 in a set. This number also varies considerably as dalang were also known to create their own characters primarily for intermission entertainment or for special performances, the characters in the plays themselves are all set by tradition in both the characters stories as well as their size, carving and painting. For a given performance, a dalang will sit in a center stage (usually elevated now) in front of a white cloth screen and illuminated only by a single oil lamp above the stage and dalang. To his left and right will be his puppets for that

The carving and painting throughout the puppet are intricate and beautiful. They were subject to not only handling but many would also have to endure the mock battles in the wayang kulit plays. Because these wayang were used in performances, dalang would continually maintain these puppets for both the leather and paint.

dddd Character cccc

This character is Dewi Pergiwa.

She is the daughter of Arjuno and the wife of Gathot Koco.

dddd Condition cccc

This is a nicely carved and painted puppet. This was a performance wayang and was used for many productions over the years. The condition is very good. T is only modest wear to the paints. The carved leather is in very good condition (t is a restoration on one wrist and t are two small areas of leather loss at the bottom back of the sarong and at the tip of the headpiece in the back). The support sticks are water buffalo horn. The size is 48 cm long including the support stick, without the support stick it's 33 cm by 18 cm wide.
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