We monitor our auctions closely and make frequent price cuts.

Please review our policies before placing your bid. Our policies are as follows: Your bid: Your bid is used to purchase the item listed the description and shown in our photograph / photographs only unless stated otherwise. If you would like to pick the item up at no charge we can work with you to arrange a mutually acceptable pickup time and date. The shipping charge: The shipping charge is based on the actual packed weight of the item. Items are not packed at the time of listing. It is difficult to determine how much an actual package will weigh after it has been packed. We are pretty good with estimating but we are not perfect. If we overestimate the shipping cost we will refund to you the amount you overpaid. If we understimate the shipping the difference is on us. Delivery confirmation is included with your shipping charge. The handling charge: THERE IS NO HANDLING CHARGE ON THIS ITEM: As we stated previously your bid is only to purchase the item listed in the description and shown in our photograph / photographs unless stated otherwise. We are not fans of hidden charges. You will find the handling charge stated up front immediately following the item description. Our handling charge covers everything after the sale. Face it, packing and delivering packages
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