Jazz bass standard pickguard mirror chrome fits fender

Jazz bass American standard pickguard 1ply Acrylic chrome mirror fits a genuine fender American and Mexican standard Jazz bass exactly!

This pickguard is made to 100% fit the genuine fender standard Jazz bass.

All the screw holes and dimensions will fit an original fender American and Mexican standard Jazz bass perfectly so you don't have to drill new holes.

If you don't have an original fender standard Jazz bass the screw holes pattern and dimensions might not be the same from your bass guitar so be carefull and take a good look at the screw hole pattern.

Remember guitar parts are not one size fits all. They differ in measurement and compatibility due to different models, makes and manufacturers.

For example other brands like squier (fender and squier are not the same) uses a different screw hole pattern, so this fender based pickguard will not fit on your squier Jazz bass and you will have to make adjustments to make it fit.

If you have questions or need advice, we encourage you to email us so we can help you find the right pickguard for your guitar!


To Suit Model: Fender Jazz bass (Based on the fender American and Mexican Jazz bass standard) Ply: 1 Total Thickness: 2mm Top (Face) Colour: mirror chrome No of Affixing Screw Holes: 10 Has protective
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