JBL 2-WAY Crossovers/Dividing Networks* 2,500 Hz * PAIR


*** JBL 2-WAY CROSSOVERS/DIVIDING NETWORKS *** Offered is a BRAND NEW pair of high quality JBL 2-way crossovers for any 8 ohm tweeters and woofers. These are the 3rd order hybrid design with 3db down points at 2,500 Hz. The high frequency section uses high quality mylar capacitors. Top quality gold plated binding posts inputs. Woofer and tweeter outputs are clearly printed on the circuit board. The code number on the PC board is. Power handling is 100 watts+. The overall board size is 2-7/8" x 4-1/2". These crossovers are the high quality 9 element design on each crossover (Count them. T are 9 different parts plus the speaker binding posts and wires). Most JBL or Altec crossovers have only 2 or 3 elements inside a fancy box. Even the most popular 3-way JBL L100 Century/4311 speakers have only 3 or 4 elements in their crossovers. These JBL crossovers are BRAND NEW and have never been used. They will be ideal for your own DIY project or to replace/upgrade. I strongly believe these are much better crossovers than the JBL N2400, N2500, and N2600 crossovers.

U.S. buyers pay $5.95 via USPS priority mail. International buyers pay $12.95 via USPS priority mail. Packing/handling is FREE. I accept all forms of No reserve. Happy bidding. Thanks.