** JC PENNEY WISH BOOK for the 1988 CHRISTMAS SEASON!** 547 pages loaded with toys. Christmas catalogs are excellent references books for products available in 1988. Great reference : Zaph, Cabbage Patch Kids, Dolly Surprise, Baby grows, Lady Lovelylocks, Love-A-Bye babies, Maple Town, My Little Pony, Wish World kids,

FP, Barbie, Heart Family,& Friends, Talkers - Baby Talk, Corky & Cricket, Baby Heather, Fievel, Teddy Ruxpin, Big Bird, Mother Goose, Mickey Mouse, Peewee Herman, Alf , Nosy Bears, Keypers, Bozo, Ventriloquist Dummys,

Remember the Legos, Pinball Machines, Game Tables, GI Joe, Transformers, Ghostbusters, Mask, Super Heroes, Pedal Cars & Tractors train layouts, Starting Lineup sports figurines, baseball cards, Breyer horses.

Great 1980's fashions, Black powder rifles and air pistols.

Catalog in very good used Condition, no missing or torn pages.

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