JD HO Lumber Loads Weyerhaeuser 56' Bulk-Head Flat Load #9

JD HO Scale Lumber Loads Weyerhaeuser 56' Bulk-Head Flat Load #9 . This is a beautifully crafted lumber load - ready to load on your car - no cutting, gluing or assembly required - auction does NOT include car - picture shows how the load fits perfectly on a MDC UP/WP 60' Bulkhead Flat (which in reality is a 56' Bulkhead Flat ). Will ship internationally. FOR THIS AUCTION, BUYER pays $3.97 for SHIPPING CHARGES inside the US via FIRST CLASS MAIL in a box used by banks to ship rolls of coin or $6.45 to $7.85 via Priority Mail depending on your location. Shipping charges to Canada would be $15.50 in a box (***BE AWARE*** - best to combine two or three items to save $'s on shipping with the new higher First Class International USPS rates to Canada AND other points outside the US - you can ship two or three lumber loads - for example - for the price of shipping one - the minimum charge is now $15.50 for 2 lbs to points in Canada - the same relative situation effects all other points outside the US). When combining multiple auctions together to save on shipping or when shipping auctions that have 3 or more items, generally, Priority Mail is the cheapest way to go. Generally, Priority Mail will be cheaper than UPS short shipping distances - UPS may be cheaper for shipments across country. Charges to OTHER points outside the United States ... read more