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Only one person has sold more Jeff Nixon photographs than Russ Levin over the last five years, and that was Jeff Nixon.

Over 6000 photographs sold on eBay and I'm now looking to sell 6000 more!


It's not an Adams, but it's also not $65,000.00!

What started off as tribute to Ansel Adams and one of his most famous images, has now become one of Jeff Nixon's best selling photographs over the last few years. He never intended to even sell it, but did change his mind to allow lovers of photography to enjoy one of the most famous views of photography for a fraction of what the Adams would cost you. A letter that explains how this image came about is included. From Jeff's web site, this is "my version of "Moon and Half Dome, YoSemite Valley" that I photographed in 1998. Each print is 16x20, mounted and overmatted to 24x30, and is limited to 30 copies. When the photograph was made it was purely intended to be a celebration of Ansel Adams' very famous image, and frankly many years passed before I started to make prints of this for sale. Honestly, I think that Ansel would have gotten

It was brought to the attention of the Ansel Adams gallery that the moon would once again be in the same area of Ansel's image 38 years before. The photography gods were working for Jeff that day as just as the Adams image, not a cloud in the sky. If you compare this image to Adams' it's so close it was just like it was meant to be. Even the snow seems to be exactly as it was 38 years earlier. One small noticeable difference is the shadow along the base and some tree tops that have grown up since Ansel took his 38 years earlier.

Virginia Best Adams said of Jeff's work, "I have had the great pleasure of recently viewing a portfolio of photographs by Jeff Nixon. I found his work very satisfying. Jeff has been a friend of mine, and was of Ansel's, for many years. I know what deep love Jeff has for the Sierra and Yosemite. This love is very sensitively transmitted through his very fine photographs. Jeff has a marvelous eye and combines that with excellent craftsmanship - this combination of abilities is essential, but all too often not found in the same artist. I highly recommend Jeff's photographs! I know they will provide you with a true sense of the Sierra - a defined sense of place!'.

Mounted with a 8 ply over-mat with 24"x30" 100% rag board, photo is in mint condition. Signed under the image, photographers info on the back. If you are an Adams/Sexton fan, you will also enjoys Jeff's work very much.

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