Jefferson Blue Opalescent Single Lily Spool Vase c 1900

Jefferson Glass Company Blue Opalescent Single Lily Spool Vase, Jack-in-the-Pulpit Type

Gorgeous vase with no cracks or chips to the glass, only some minor manufacturing imperfections. Winged base might benefit from a polishing, being steel, and looks as if it may have been slightly dented or it may have come that way (stands and holds vase perfectly). Glass glows yellow under the UV backlight and this item is listed in the Standard Encyclopedia of Opalescent Glass. The design of the vase is as a Jack-in-the-Pulpit flower and it is pressed glass made to resemble "threaded" vases, i.e. ones which had thin lines of glass applied. Dates to 1901-1906 period, definite Art Nouveau. T is an eBay Guide dedicated to Jefferson Glass and this item is pictured. The value of this item in 2002 was about $150 without any glasses.

Mini-Cups measure 1.875" tall and also glow yellow under UV so are probably Art Nouveau as well. Very old, they have substantial wear: 2 have cracks at the handles, 1 has a chip, and all have mini-chips going around the rims. Look like mini-coffee mugs with beveled sides.