Jefferson Nickel Philadelphia Uncirculated Bank Brick

Jefferson Nickel - USA 5 Cent Uncirculated First Issue Bank Vault Box.
Each Bank Vault Box contains a 'Brick' of 20 Rolls of brand new Jefferson Nickels in brilliant Uncirculated condition, 500 coins in total. Each Bank Roll contains 25 Jefferson Nickels.
The US Mint made these new buffalo first issue coins for a few months and then stopped production.
T will never be any more.
The entire mint was stopped.
These uncirculated coins can not be found from the US Mint, the Federal Reserve, any Bank or the World Reserve Monetary Exchange.
However the US Mint will NOT disclose how many of these (uncirculated coins) have made it out in to the field.
These coins were minted in 2004 and in only 3 years have already increased in value by an astonishing 1,098%
Uncirculated coins are the most likely to increase in value.
These are not the commercial 40 coin bank rolls, these are 25 coin bank rolls. You cant get them rolled this way anyw This makes them even more unique.
Coin values fluctuate dramatically and t are never any guarantees but a 1913 forty coin bank roll of Buffalo Nickels is now worth US$26,000.00 These would make an ideal gift for children and grandchildren.
You are bidding for one Bank Vault Brick. That's 20 rolls of 25 coins. 500 in total.
The full Vault Box weighs more than a heavy solid

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